Anti-Spam Policy


At, we are fully aware of our responsibilities as honourable Internet citizens, and we maintain a ZERO TOLERANCE Spam Policy accordingly. We are highly sensitive to the privacy of and are dedicated to protecting the rights of all Internet citizens. We vigorously oppose the posting of unsolicited classified ads (Spam) and will make every effort to enforce our strict Anti-Spam policies. does NOT allow anyone to use our products or services for the purpose of posting Spam classified ads. If a customer posts Spam classified ads in, his or her account will be terminated. The following spam policy will effective from 9th may 2012


What is Spam?

At, We maintain rules to give our users to genuine and real classifieds. Following are considered as spam.

1. Posting same ads more than once in 7 days.

2. Registering more than one email-id under one more than one email id under one name.

3. Posting ads in wrong you mention country INDIA and State as NEWYORK.

4. Posting ads in irrelevant Posting Job classified ads in services category.

5. False 0.01INR

6. Posting more than 10 classified ads in a day.

7. Putting same image in different classified ads.

8. Putting same classified ads in different category.

What is NOT Spam?

1. If you posted one classified ads then wait for at least 5 days to post same ads not before that.

2. Register once at .ie maintains one email id under one name.

3. Mention proper location with proper URL with contact no in classified ads.

4. Post related classified Post job ads in jobs category.

5. If you don't want to put price then leave it blank. Don’t put 0(zero) or less than Rs.1.

6. You can post at least 10 classified ads in a day.

7. Use different image in different ads or leave it blank but don't use same image in more than once.


And we are at using a high technology to block pornographic ads to make sure that family safe .If you face any family unsafe ads then let us know we will remove the ad immediately and the responsible user will be terminated.

This Spam Policy not only to stop spam ads but also to provide spam free, family safe classified ads to our valuable users.

Thanks for showing interest in our Anti Spam policy.